Why Unni Jaynna?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Some of you have asked what motivated me to write my own blog. What do I want to tell the world? My blog, Unni Jaynna, is mostly about the story of my journey. This is the #1 story that I truly care deeply about. I write just because I love writing. I write for the #1 reader of my story – that’s me. I would like to continue strengthening that relationship with myself. This is not narcissism; it’s the purest form of self-love. I consider my life as a pilgrimage where I continuously search for personal and emotional truth, whenever I feel like on the verge of getting lost. The world is noisy, scandalous, crazy. It would be utterly hypocritical if I’d say that I don’t get distracted in the craziness around me. During those times, I prefer to choose an activity, place that gives me joy and meaning. Writing is one of them. I feel that when I claim a piece of myself through preferences and non-negotiables, I fortify my spirit. I continue to sustainably ground myself in a firm sense of conscious selfhood.

In other words, I write:

- To make meaning;

- To heal;

- To inspire;

- To bear witness;

- To remember;

- To meet myself again;

- To tell the truth;

- To connect.

In doing so, I hope to inspire people to write their own story, too. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a talent for writing. If you can tell a story verbally, you can write it. You may have read hundreds of stories about family, childhood, love, betrayal, struggle, emigration, etc. But your story is unique from the rest. I don’t believe that two stories can be exactly alike, because you inject your own beliefs and values in those stories. Hence, your point of view is uniquely yours.

Writing your own story is also exposing yourself to vulnerability. That takes a lot of courage. Notwithstanding the lack of skill (which can be learned, by the way), this is the biggest hurdle one must need to overcome. One of my best consolations when I created my blog was how I overcome fear – the fear of rejection, primarily. I write to find meaning, please myself, and realize a goal/dream; everything else is a bonus.

So here I am writing because why not?

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