The Story Behind Unni Jaynna

Unni (or Unnie) is a Korean term which means older sister. I am by no means Korean but I do love K-dramas. I am not an old folk either, but many look to me as their older sister, literally and figuratively. So I thought I should live up to that expectation. Jaynna was a name my African friends used to call me by when I was in graduate school. I thought it was cute (wink, wink). And so, Unni Jaynna came to life.

When the pandemic broke out, I realized how isolated life can be. While we have been used to some forms of virtual reality, we have lost a lot of that human and emotional connection. I sought solace in writing as part of my self-care strategy and realized that writing is actually embedded in my DNA. One thing that makes me happy as an individual is being able to immerse myself freely into creative imagination and express it in written form. I don't have a wide range of portfolio to boast of but if there is one thing that I am truly proud about my passion is this: I write from the heart!

I am an amateur writer and blogger. I am not a techie; I prefer experience over gadgets. I find joy in simple things and yes, they could make me cry too if that is the way to express my happiness. I value love and family above everything else.

On a more personal note, I am an ESTJ (actually, a borderline extrovert-introvert) ; a mix of reformer, achiever, loyalist, and challenger on the Enneagram type. Besides writing, I love travelling, reading, cooking and hiking. But in all honesty, our home is my most favorite place in the world.

I had so much fun building this site and I hope you will have fun reading my posts. I look forward to hearing from you all.

With much love and gratitude, Unni Jaynna.

Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world. ~ Paulo Coelho ~

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